7 Tips On Selecting The Best Domain Name

7 Tips On Selecting The Best Domain Name For Your Business Or Startup

  1. In the recent decade, a huge number of new top-level domains like .store, .guru, .life and .club have been introduced so companies have more top-level domain names to choose from. However .com still stays the most popular and commonly known top-level domain that is also easier to remember publicly.
  2. Usually, shorter domain names are easier to remember. Imagine this domain name: vs. Which one is easier to type and remember?
  3. Think about your brand and choose a domain name that becomes brandable and becomes your label. Your visitors should be able to easily associate your domain name with your brand. is an example.
  4. The public perception of a brand starts with its name. If you select a domain name that has a negative public association, it will be very difficult to change that perception. Always avoid domain names that radiate negativity.
  5. Pay attention and do a little research on the trademark issues to avoid losing a domain name on legal litigation. One way to do that is to use social media to search for the domain name you are choosing. Are any companies that are using that name?
  6. If a domain name is long but it includes some of your target keywords, it is an advantage.
  7. Domain name age – how old is the domain name? When was it registered? Older domain names usually rank higher on search engines compared to the newer domain names.